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Photos by: Rusty Baptist // UTVUnderground.com

Featured Ride @ http://www.utvunderground.com/john-perez-readers-ride-feature-vehicle-9368.html

What can we say? John Perez for the past 3 years has hosted one of, if not the most in depth build threads ever on UTVUnderground.com’s forum (read thread here for insane build progress photos). John, his friends, and family started with the goal of building the ultimate UTV in their garage and what came out is simply beyond what a UTV is, and we say that in a good way. This is the end result of 3 years of hard work and dedication, proving that John as a family man and a buisness is man is also a true off-roader in every sense of the word. “Built Not Bought”, a phrase Jesse James has made known is what comes to mind when seeing JP’s amazing machine.


So on this Veterans Day, we felt it was only right to showcase this READERS RIDE! Not only does it have a patriotic theme, it also stands for everythign this great country is all about. Freedom to think creatively, freedom to persu your visions and dreams, and freedom to enjoy this great land in a responsible yet over the top way! So here’s to you John Perez, all of you veterans who make these dreams possible and of course to the members of UTVUnderground.com who have followed along on this amazing journey via the forum build thread.


Nice work my friend,

Joey D.